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  1. double back To return to some thing or place after moving away from it, especially by following the same path taken when leaving. I was walking to my car when I realized I'd forgotten my lunch on the kitchen counter and doubled back to get it. See also: back, double.
  2. THE DOUBLEBACK IS EXACTLY THE SAME SIZE AS A REGULAR VW TRANSPORTER, BUT PRESS THE BUTTON AND THE DOUBLEBACK TRANSFORMS IN SIZE.. "The DoubleBack has been inspired by a desire to see a truly spacious, comfortable camper with .
  3. vb (intr, adverb) to go back in the opposite direction (esp in the phrase double back on one's tracks) Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition © HarperCollins Publishers , , , , , , , , ,
  4. Doubleback by Libby Fischer Hellman is the sequel to Easy Innocence, and reunites PI Georgia Davis with video producer Ellie Foreman, the heroine of Hellman’s other series. Georgia and Ellie aren’t much alike – one is a single, tough, former cop turned private investigator and the other is a divorced mom who is a commercial television /5.
  5. Definition of double back: to turn around and return on the same path I'm going to double back to see if I dropped the ring on the way here. Comments on double back What made you want to look up double back?
  6. Mar 27,  · Doubleback was a developing story with some complex characters. I thought the plot twists were really good. I was glad to see more of how Jude and Rowan's relationship was in the past and turned toward the good. I bought this based on another author's reviews/5(78).
  7. Doubleback. Washington State University. Report this profile; About. Washington State University Alumna; degree in Wine and Beverage Business Management and minor in Viticulture and Enology. I Title: Harvest Intern at Doubleback.
  8. Doubleback Review. a new journal for old work. a new journal for old work. SUBMIT TO DBR. NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS! NOW ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS! SUBMIT TO DBR. Follow Us. Accessibility notice: It is our intention to be equally accessible to everyone, so we invite feedback about your experience on our site and with our services.
  9. Mar 23,  · Doubleback · ZZ Top Recycler ℗ Warner Records Inc. Producer: Bill Ham Guitar, Vocals: Billy Gibbons Engineer: Bob Ludwig Bass, Vocals: Dusty Hill .

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